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Professional short and mid-term rental management

Xquisite Rentals works with apartment and homeowners to generate exceptional revenues whilst taking great care of your property and guests.

Happy guests, happy owners, exceptional revenues.

Xquisite Rentals combines multiple years of expert knowledge in short and medium term rentals to provide exceptional guest and owner experience and market leading rental returns.

  • Short & mid-term rental returns

    Xquisite Rentals has expertise in both short and mid-term rentals to match the best guests to your property.

  • 24/7 guest and owner support

    Xquisite Rentals works 24/7 so you don't have to. From taking bookings to check in and guest messaging we do it all.

  • Paid on time, every time

    Our partner portal provides clear reporting, financials and owner booking capability.

  • Good neighbor asset protection

    The Xquisite Rentals team uses industry leading guest screening and noise monitoring to protect your property.

I had a fantastic experience with Xquisite! Their service was great. They made the entire process of renting out my property so easy. Their team was professional and answered my calls. They handled all the bookings and guest communication. My property was booked all the time, and they got really good rates. I highly recommend Xquisite.

Sarah M.